Drone Check Up.

Did you know that over time a drone experiences ware and tear ? Just like a car, your drone needs to be checked for possible issues at least once a year. By having us do preventive maintenance it could save you from a crash thus saving you money.

Hard landings, small crashes and motor vibration take its toll on your drone.

For just $65 we will do:

  • Test flight
  • Full diagnostic (inside and out)
  • Firmware updates (both drone and remote control)
  • Circuit board inspection for loose components, questionable solder joints and pads and touching those up as needed
  • Check battery life (if possible)
  • Blow out any dirt/unwanted materials on the inside and motors
  • Wipe down the outside

This is an excellent service that is recommended at a minimum of once a year (maybe twice) depending on how often you use your drone.


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