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Professional Service Exceeding Your Individual Needs. 

Drone Repair & Aerial Photography Services

"I started JG.UAVs Drone Services because I love the community that has formed around this technology. My goal is to best serve our customers with our drone repair, aerial drone photography, aerial drone videography, and aerial drone thermal/mapping services."

- Josh Green (Owner)

When you are trying to find the best place in the Des Moines area to get your drone repaired, contact JG.UAVs Drone Services, LLC. We are the best choice for any DJI drone repair service because our company values our customers most. When our team is working to repair your drone we provide professional service, while maintaining a friendly and open communication environment. Our staff is happy to answer any and all questions regarding drones, drone repairs or any of the services we offer. Our team wants to help drone owners have the most positive experience and to see drones continue to become more popular, useful and fun to own and operate.  

When JG.UAVs Drone Services, LLC opened its doors in June of 2016 we offered drone repair service to the Des Moines area, all of Iowa and surrounding states in the Midwest. In January of 2017, we obtained our FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot’s License and started offering aerial drone photography and videography service throughout the Midwest. 

Currently JG.UAVs has expanded from just offering drone repair in Des Moines and surrounding areas to offering our drone repair services across the entire United States. In addition to offering the best drone repair and maintenance programs in the US, we still offer aerial photography and videography to clients throughout the Midwest.  Whether you need a single aerial photo, or a professionally edited video our staff will have your footage personally prepared for you in a timely manner. 

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with a company in England to bring high quality thermal drones to the United States with a similar camera resolution of thermal drones four times its price! While we can’t release too many details yet we can say being able to pick up the heat signature of a human in high resolution from more than 900 feet away and with a price point close to $5,500 this drone is perfect for search and rescue, law enforcement officers, and professionals alike that need aerial thermal capability. While we can not accept any orders at this time, we would be very happy to discuss the capabilities of this drone with you to see if it can be to best tool for your mission.

In summary, JG.UAVs is ready to help you make the most of your investment in drone technology and keep you flying high. We look forward to speaking with you about your drone repair needs today! Contact us with all your drone repair, aerial photography questions.