Flying Car?

When the Jetsons cartoon first appeared flying cars seemed like science fiction, well they are almost here! The Flyer by Kitty Hawk is a sophisticated all electric multicopter with 10 lift fans that can be flown with the pilot on board. Kitty Hawk is a company out of Mountain View, California that is making the impossible, possible. Casey Neistat, a famous Youtube vlogger has been one of the guest pilots of the Flyer. That is not all, Kitty Hawk is also developing the Cora, an all electric air taxi. The Cora can fly faster than 150 km/hr and has a range of 100 km. Most impressively it is self piloted, meaning that the passenger will not need a pilot’s license. At JG.UAVs Drone Services we are very excited to see where Kitty Hawk takes the multicopter technology.