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About Us

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JG.UAVs Drone Services, LLC started when a friend and I were flying his drone around a park in Des Moines. We ended up losing signal with the drone, and after searching for what seemed like hours we finally spotted it only to find the drone had flown itself into a tree. We tried to fly his drone again and it refused to take off. We were left with the question, “What do we do now?” After doing some research we only had two options, send it back to the factory for repairs, which could take months, or try to repair the drone ourselves. We opted for the second option, and I got his drone back into the sky! JG.UAVs Drone Services, LLC was formed.

That was back in the spring of 2016, and since then JG.UAVs has completed countless drone repairs on all sorts of platforms. Including DJI and Yuneec drones. We have also added drone photography and drone videography to the services we offer. I love the community that has formed around this technology. My goal is to best serve our customers with our drone repair, aerial drone photography, aerial drone videography, and aerial drone thermal/mapping services.

- Josh Green (Owner)