Drone Maintenance Program

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Over time, all drones experience wear and tear. From hard landings, small crashes, motor vibrations, dust, moisture and mother nature take their toll on your drone. At JG.UAVs, we have created a comprehensive drone maintenance program trusted by drone enthusiasts throughout the United States.

We offer a 1-year subscription to our drone maintenance program. In this program, your drone will be cleaned, calibrated and checked for a variety of issues that could affect your drone’s ability to properly fly.

With your one year subscription, our team at JG.UAVs completes the following drone maintenance three times throughout the year.

Test Flight

Internal Comprehensive Diagnostic Exam

External Comprehensive Diagnostic Exam

Drone Firmware Update

Remote Firmware Update

Gimbal Calibration

IMU Calibration

Compass Calibration

Circuit Board Inspection (Loose Components/Questionably Solder Joints) Touching up as needed

Clean Out Unwanted Materials On Motors and Inside Drone

Wipe Down Outside

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If you are interested in signing your drone up for a comprehensive full service maintenance plan at JG.UAVs, contact us today. Our drone maintenance plan only costs $225 annually and we bill through PayPal. 

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If you are ready to sign up for this plan, please fill out this drone maintenance plan form or contact us today with any other questions.

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We look forward to getting the opportunity to perform routine maintenance on your drone today!

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Already Subscribed And need a check up?

  • Contact Us And Set Up An Appointment To Drop Off Or Ship Us Your Drone.

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Free Return Shipping After Every Check Up!


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